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Korean is a very popular All of Us Are Dead movie. The movie All of Us Are Dead is very popular so all the people in Korean love this movie. The reason why this movie is so popular with the viewers is that the actors and actresses who have acted in this movie are very popular actors and a face all over Korean. Which is why everyone remembers this movie All of Us Are Dead till now. Let’s not know how to download this All of Us Are Dead movie.

It is with great sadness that it is reported that this All of Us Are Dead movie was released a long time ago but the movie is not available on Youtube or any other movie website. So today I will show you how to watch and download this All of Us Are Dead movie very easily. I hope if you read my articles very well then you can easily download and watch the movie All of Us Are Dead Full.

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All you have to do is download the All of Us Are Dead Flower Movie Flower. Details about downloading this movie are discussed below in detail. Be sure to read the article carefully.

You may have to follow some rules to download this movie. The rules are very simple. Once you understand the rules, you will be able to download and watch the movie very quickly.

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All of Us Are Dead Movie Director, Director, Stars List

All of Us Are Dead Korean Movie 2022 Director, Director, Stars List
Director J.Q. Lee, Kim Nam-Soo
Writers Seong-il Cheon
Stars Ji-hu Park, Chan-Young Yoon, Yi-Hyun Cho

All of Us Are Dead Movie Full Cast & Crew

Midnight 2021 Movie Full Cast & Crew List
S.L Ji-hu Park
1 Chan-Young Yoon
2 Yi-Hyun Cho
3 Park Solomon
4 Kim Bo-Yoon
5 Lim Jae-Hyeok
6 Ahn Seung-Kyoon
7 Sang-Yeon Son

All of Us Are Dead Movie Full Story Explained

The drama story begins in Korea, where we see a few students, one of whom is getting hit by four other students. The name of this student is Gyeong-su. However, after a while, something unusual starts to happen in Gyeong-Su’s body. After seeing his body, it appears that he will turn into a zombie.Gyeong-su starts attacking the students who are mistreating him.He reacts like a zombie, attacking someone even though they can’t see him.

Gyeong-su falls on the road while attempting to attack a student. He couldn’t move after falling on the road. The four students now consider him dead. Later, the scene moves to a hospital. Here we see Gyeong-su, who has been admitted there. Mr. Lee, his father, arrives to meet him. And the two converse for a while, although Gyeong-su is already aware that he could be a zombie. His father was also aware that he could be converted into a zombie. Gyeong-su also tries to attack his father at this point. Meanwhile, Mr. Lee is holding a bible and pointing it in the direction of Gyeong-su. Mr. Lee later packs Gyeong-su in a bag and transports him out of the hospital.

Gyeong-Su’s hand emerges from the pocket and he grabs it. It’s revealed here that zombies aren’t going to die easily. The scene is cut afterwards, and we witness the scene after a few days. We are shown a Korean school, where everyone is thrilled that summer is over and winter has arrived. All of the students are happy; there is a culture there that requires students to clean the school on their own and they are all actively involved in this duty.

Meanwhile, a science lab is shown. We see a girl awaking. She is the same girl who was with the students that were fighting Gyeong-su at the beginning of the film. She hears a strange sound as she prepares to leave the science lab, and then notices a rat enclosed in a box. She begins to admire the rat and calls it by pointing her fingers at it, while the rat bites her. When the rat bites her, her finger begins to bleed, and the rat eventually becomes a zombie. We now know that if the rat bites her, she will turn into a zombie. Meanwhile, the lab’s science teacher arrives, and it comes out that he is Mr. Lee; now we know who their science teacher is.

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When Mr. Lee discovers that she has been bitten by a rat, he doesn’t allow her to let her go and locks her up. Later on, the main character’s mother owns a hotel, and all of her friends insist on him eating at her mother’s restaurant. Everyone goes to Cheong-San’s restaurant, Mom’s Later in the series, we meet another main character named On-Jo. They now share a dinner at this restaurant and enjoy it a lot, as well as discussing their school teacher. They were discussing how Mr. Lee has been acting strangely since his son vanished. They’re talking about Gyeong-su, who went missing and was last seen in a suit case.

After that, no one knew anything about him. They go outside the restaurant later. Cheong-San is a lover of On-Jo, as we know her here. On-Jo opens her hair and asks San about it.He also wonders if On-Jo liked him. They all return later, and we see the girl who Mr. Lee had locked up, but she hasn’t yet turned into a zombie. The next morning, we observe On-Jo seated with her father and conversing. Meanwhile, Cheong-San appears, and we know him as a fellow resident of the same building. They play a game there, and the loser takes the winner’s bag to school. Now that On-Jo has lost the game, she transports San’s bag to school, where they arrive later. We see that the school has a pleasant atmosphere and that all of the students appear to be enjoying themselves.

Later, the boys who beat Gyeong-su are seen taking a girl and a boy to the school’s backyard building. They beat that boy a lot while working on the building construction project. They all suppose that he informs the teacher of Gyeong-Su’s disappearance. They begin filming an immoral video of the woman they have taken with them. They used the video to blackmail her. Here comes the third main character, Seo Hyo, who saves the girl and takes her away. While walking along the street, On-Jo notices her and opens her hair to see him.

We become aware that she likes Seo Hyo, not San. On the other hand, Seo Hyo and San appear to be excellent friends, and their class teacher later enters their classroom. She begins to collect their cellphones. She inquires about the missing girl. while a student claims to have seen her in the science lab the last time. She goes to the science lab to ask Mr. Lee about it, but he refuses to believe her and says that she hasn’t been there. Meanwhile, the teacher hears an unusual noise.

Mr. Lee claims that he has locked a rat, and it might be the sound of that rat. When the teacher returns, she sees the girl who has transformed into a zombie. When Mr. Lee injects her, it appears that he is performing an experiment on her. She asks Mr. Lee not to murder her, and he replies, “I hope so, but I wouldn’t kill you.” He’s probably aware that she’s about to die, Later, he enters the classroom. We can tell that the boy is bullying the girl whose videos he previously recorded.

He was one of the students who beat Gyeong-su. Mr. Lee was teaching a chapter on a virus. He confidently asserts that it is wrongly written in the book; yet, that girl whom Mr. Lee had bound was untied. She went to her class teacher and told her everything that Mr. Lee had done to her. After seeing her condition, all of the students in the class became terrified. She also claims that Mr. Lee injected her; as a result, the entire conversation has gone viral in the class. Meanwhile, Seo Hyo takes her to the medical room, and On-Jo joins Seo Hyo.

That girl bites on-hands Jo’s when she is lying on the bed. On the other hand, students in the class are debating how Mr. Lee is torturing her because she and her gang used to torture his son. We see a girl who was going to leave her bag at home because her health was failing, and she walks quietly back to her house. Later, San notices that the girl has bitten On-Jo. He goes to rescue her, but there is no one there when he returns. On-Jo’s father bandages her, and the girl is carried to the hospital in an ambulance.

On-Jo’s father is an ambulance worker. While walking into class, On-Jo calls out to Seo Hyo and tells him she knows her name best, which in Korea means asking for a date. Seo Hyo asks On-Jo if she wants to go out on a date, and she says yes. San also arrives, which enrages On-Jo because she believes he has disturbed them. On the other hand, Mr. Lee notices that the girl is missing when he checks into the lab, and he becomes concerned.

Meanwhile, one of the teachers approaches Mr. Lee and inquires about the girl, taking him to the principal’s office. Mr. Lee tells the girl she should not send out because she is under quarantine. However, the principal refuses to report the incident to the police. This prompted Mr. Lee to question why no action was taken when my son was being humiliated. Meanwhile, the police come and arrest Mr. Lee. On the other hand, we witness a medical teacher who gets bitten by that girl and turns into a zombie very instantly.

We see the school where, during recess, all of the children come into the canteen to have lunch. On-Jo was sitting there with his friends, debating how to propose to Seo Hyo, despite his desire to impress another girl. She was the class president and had to sit alone since her mother made her do it. She doesn’t like it, which is why no one in the class respects her. On the other hand, we see two of the gang’s members beating Gyeong-su.

They used to make a film about that medical teacher who acts weirdly after becoming a zombie while passing by. Meanwhile, the teacher attacked them, biting one of the boys’ checks and eating it, turning him into a zombie. He begins to eat the students. Later, we see the scene on the school roof. Where the girl tries to take her own life, which is recorded on film by those boys, In the meantime, her friend arrives to save her by stopping her from doing so. That girl asks him why he’s doing this and if he likes her.

He answers yes, but the girl forbids him, telling him, “I’m a loser.” You, too, are a loser, and we will be losers together. Later, the girl tries to take her own life and looks below, where she sees a large number of students falling out of the window. These students were actually attempting to capture zombies, and she is disturbed as a result of witnessing this. All of the zombies who had fallen to the ground began attacking students. Later, we see the school canteen, where everyone is relaxed because they have no idea what’s going on.

On-Jo approaches San and inquires about Sea Hyo’s feelings for her.San’s heart breaks as he hears this, and he refuses to help her. While On-Jo looks out the window, she notices a large number of students fleeing. She also notices a large number of zombies biting the students. Here, we see a gang member who transforms into a zombie and attacks On-Jo.

In the second episode of this series, we see some students playing on the ground while zombies attack them and flee. Later, we show the principal’s office, where he is yelling at all of the teachers. Tell them that the news about zombies has been leaked to the media and that this should not happen. However, a teacher doesn’t like it, and as she goes outside for the announcement, a zombie attacks and eats her.

Later, we find On-Jo being attacked by a zombie in the canteen, but San comes to her rescue. San saves her and the two of them jump out the window, but there were a lot of zombies. They both make it to the gate by escaping when a truck has an accident. He has also turned into a zombie, and together they reach the first floor of a building. They reach the class, but they refuse to unlock the door. Because they think the students are zombies. However, on their insistence, they open the door and everyone enters the classroom.

On the other hand, we see Seo Hyo emerge from the window, accompanied by the president. And they both enter the classroom with everything. On the other hand, the first girl turned into a zombie was taken to the hospital. And then we see Mr. Lee in jail, and we learn that he was a scientist first. He has a cat and a rat in a cage; the rat sits fearfully in one corner of the cage. But Mr. Lee stole the rodent’s DNA one day while it was ragged. And he created medicine out of it and injected it into his son, believing that his son was a coward as well and that he would rag.

However, his son transforms into a zombie and murders his mother. On the one hand, we know Mr. Lee is a psycho. On the other hand, we see that girl in the hospital, where she was subjected to certain tests. She bites two physicians, both of whom turn into zombies at the same time. As a result of everyone biting each other, zombies spread throughout the hospital. On the other hand, we see the girl who left school and, luckily, has returned. Meanwhile, we notice a bus carrying a large number of students returning from a game. When they arrive at school, they become shocked.

On the other hand, students in the classroom are trying to find a phone to ask for help. They call the police, but they don’t bother since they think the students are playing a prank. The police department, on the other hand, has received a report that zombies have spread throughout the hospital. They are concerned after this, but On-Jo phones her father, who arrives with his team to help them after hearing this.

On the other hand, a teacher arrived, and the students were overjoyed, so he told them to close the door and window. When On-Jo sees the teacher’s bitten hand by a zombie, he instantly transforms into a zombie. He bites another girl and makes her a zombie with him. All of the students fight with that teacher, and he is eventually locked in the room. And they run to the lab, where Seo Hyo engages them in air combat, as he was good at it. They finally make it to the lab, which is locked.

While the other students fight the zombies and enter the lab, On-Jo breaks the lock. They close the doors and windows. When On-Jo inquires about Seo Hyo, because he was left outside, she supposes that he has been transformed into a zombie. Later in the episode, we encounter the scene of the roof with the same girl and boy that we saw first. The scene moves to a washroom, where a girl is hiding from zombies. A girl and a boy were hidden in the next washroom, and the girl was infected while the boy was unaware.

And the girl in the other washroom takes the boy out of that washroom and locks him there. And then she turns into a zombie, and an arrow hits her head. Two additional main characters from the series are introduced. We’ve seen students on the bus who know how to use a bow and arrow. They’ve just arrived by bus. Later, we see the teacher declaring that the school is in horrible form and that the students should hide wherever they are. All of the students are shown where they are hidden throughout this time.

We notice the principal, who had been hiding behind the table. Now On-Jo’s friend asks her if she told her friend that she likes Seo Hyo. Later, she visits On-Jo and she notices that her body has gone cold and that she has turned into a zombie. She used to be On-Jo’s best friend, but now that she’s a zombie, she attacks her. They have now dropped her from the window, and On-Jo is holding her hand. She does not want to let go of her best friend’s hand. Following these events, On-Jo becomes rather pessimistic.

On the other hand, we see Seo Hyo, who is still alive and hiding behind the bench. They all agree to go down while holding the pipe because the door is about to be broken and the zombies will attack. San declares that he would go first, and upon seeing On-Jo, he understands that she is unconcerned about anyone. He finally decides to leave, and he sends them all away.There was an announcement room where they reached downward. The teacher was there as well. Who was calling them? San and On-Jo were now alone on the upside. He invites her to come, but she refuses, claiming that there is no one living that she likes.

Listening to this hurts him, and ultimately she agrees with him, and he sends her down the stairs. Now we see Seo Hyo, who was running from zombies, coming out of the window. When San reaches that room, there are many zombies there who take him with them. Finally, we see him die after collapsing with the zombies. movie ends here. Episode 3 starts with Mr. Lee, and he is telling the police, “Yes, I have invented the virus,” and the scene cuts here. Later, the girl is shown that her condition was worse.

She goes to a public toilet and gives birth to a baby. That’s why the girl was sick and left while dropping her baby there. Coming out, she finds many zombies. ” Later, Suhyeok is shown trying to get into a room through the pipe. He notices some zombies jumping in the sand.This is the scene that ended the last episode. Suhyeok helps San. They entered the conference room. Strange things happen here when they come into the room.

The girl in the pink sweater was asking everyone to close the window. Meanwhile, a boy asks her to let them come inside. Then we will close the window. Then the girl starts misbehaving with that boy. Their teacher arrives and makes them quiet. They noticed a computer there. They start watching the scene from the outside on the computer. That is what is going on outside. The scene outside is shown, where there were zombies everywhere and people were uploading videos of it. Now they also get the video and discover that the zombies are spread everywhere. Suddenly, a zombie comes to the window through the pipe.

Suhyeok attacks him with a rod, but San’s friend hits him with the computer CPU. His nose started bleeding during this fight. The girl in the pink sweater says you are infected and about to turn into a zombie. The scene cuts and a politician is shown. Onjo’s father was also there to rescue her. One of the members of the politician’s family has been infected. San’s friend is shown, and everyone is blaming him. that he is infected. He will also turn into a zombie soon. They asked him to stay in a room for an hour.

The teacher asks the girl who blamed him that if he does not turn into a zombie within an hour, she will apologize to him. San’s mother is shown to have heard about zombies in the news. She gets on her scooty and rides away to save him. The police were also covering the whole city. So the infected people will not come out. The others will not get infected by them. Later, four students are shown in the school’s washroom. They were shown before, and on the other hand, San’s friend is shown.

He had been in the room for the past half hour, but he wasn’t infected. The teacher goes to call him out. San’s friend doesn’t come out, and the teacher asks the pink-sweater girl to call him. She also asks her to apologize to him. The girl apologizes to him and starts cleaning his hand’s wound with her handkerchief. This girl does bad with San’s friend. She puts the zombie’s blood into his blood through the handkerchief so the zombie’s blood will be mixed in it. His body would be infected completely.

She again says something ill about the boy, and he also fights with her in anger. The girl was still saying that he was infected. Everyone says that if he had been infected, he would have been changed into a zombie by now. The night appears, and San’s friend also gets infected. Everyone becomes emotional for San’s friend. because he was a brave boy who helped everyone. San’s friend also becomes a zombie.

He attacks San first. San distracts him and throws him down the window. He starts running with the zombies while falling down from the window. San becomes sad upon seeing him. because he was a good friend of his. The girl is shown running here and there with her baby. The girl reaches the restaurant of San’s mother. She ties herself there because she was also infected. She places her baby aside so she will not harm her baby after being a zombie.

There was silence in the school’s lab, and everyone was silent. San’s friend’s depression was worsened. The pink sweater girl says, “I told you he was already infected.” She thinks everyone will thank her that she has saved their lives. Meanwhile, the class’s president slaps her and says, “I have seen everything.” What have you done? and she tells the truth to everyone. That is what this girl has done.

The girl started weeping, but still didn’t feel regret for her mistake. The girl leaves, weeping. The class teacher also moves behind the girl. The teacher went behind her to escape her, but many zombies arrived there. They attack them. The teacher runs away from there with the girl. San’s mother is shown in the next episode as having come into the ground to save her son. Reaching school, San’s mother sees San’s friend. She doesn’t know that San’s friend has also become a zombie.

When she comes to ask him about San, San’s friend, along with other zombies, bites her. The zombies eat her. The students are shown in the science lab while thinking the teacher and the girl are saved because they haven’t heard their screaming. On the other hand, the student is shown to be a part of the gang that teases people. He escapes from the zombies and comes out while trying to come out of the school on a cycle. Suddenly, the chain of his cycle is broken, and many zombies start following him.

He again moves inside the school and goes to the principal’s office. On the other hand, he ends many zombies and the principal was also hidden in the office. On the other hand, two girls are shown fighting in the washroom. The police officer is shown still asking Mr. Lee about the virus. Mr. Lee tells him he has made the virus to make his son strong. However, this virus has the opposite effect on their son, and he has eaten his mother as a zombie. The police officer takes Mr. Lee out with him as the city begins to empty.

Many zombies arrive and attack the police officer. Mr. Lee goes to save the police officer. But a zombie attacks him. He bites him. Mr. Lee knows he will die soon and says to the police officer, “There is my laptop in the science lab.” There is an antidote to this virus in it. The officer runs off. Mr. Lee has now become a zombie but can control himself even after being a zombie. The officer reaches a boy and asks him to go with him to the emergency management center. Reaching there, he can tell everyone about the laptop on which there was a virus’s antidote. The morning appears, and the students are shown stuck in the science lab.

Until now, no one had contacted them for assistance.The students are shown in the washroom. They have done a heavy fight at night. Now they decide to move together from that point. The boy from the gang who made the girl’s video is shown on the roof. She was trying to end her life and the boy uploaded her video. The girl moves out to escape. She decides to break that boy’s phone. So the video will not be uploaded. She moves out, but then the zombies attack her. She escapes from the zombies.

The zombies have bitten her, but it doesn’t affect the girl. San and Suhyeok are shown, and they try to go to the staff room. As the mobile phones were reaching the staff room, they noticed a girl was breaking the phone. Meanwhile, San picks up the phone from there. The girl comes forward to end San, but Suhyeok saves him and pushes the girl backward. Many zombies were entering the staff room, and Suhyeok was trying to get out of the window. But San couldn’t reach the window and went out by the door.

The boy and the principal are shown. The boy has reached there, and he gives the principal his car keys. He asks him to bring the car, but he refuses. They start a fight, and after it, Onjo’s father is shown. He was rescuing everyone from there, but even at that place, there were many zombies. They were trying to get to the roof because their helicopter had to reach there. So they will escape from everyone there. San is shown going outside through the door and also reaches the principal office. He notices the boy is beating the principal.

All of Us Are Dead Movie download: San forbids him and starts making videos of him, but the boy was aggressive and ends up with the principal. Later, he runs behind San, and it is shown in Episode 5 that the boy is running behind San. He attacks him with a knife to stop him. That knife didn’t hit San, and he was saved. San reaches a library, and the boy fights San there. He asks for his phone to delete the video that he uploaded. Meanwhile, San hits the phone in his eye. Due to that, he becomes injured badly. San flees from there, causing that gang boy to fall from there.The boy was also bitten by the zombies, and San ran from the library.

The students are shown stuck in the washroom, then released from there courageously. They reach the medical room of the school. They notice a computer and it goes through pipes to escape from zombies. The commanders are depicted on the other side, and they have declared Marshal Law in the city. They have dropped all the signals, and San tries to make an emergency call. But he couldn’t place a call because there were no networks in the city. Onjo asks a student to bring a drone.

She has placed it in the lab, and they move out through the window to bring the drone. A police officer is shown who is in search of a laptop with the man. They sat in the car, but it was damaged. They go to a restaurant run by San’s mother and notice that the girl there is the girl who has tied herself up. They also found her baby, and San also reached a music room through the pipeline. Onjo and the students have come with the drone. They set up the drone and discover San with its help.

They also discover that San is alright. They take the drone towards the city. They notice many cars there, and a student sees her parents in the car. They have become zombies now. Seeing it, she weeps a lot, and the zombies also break their drone. Onjo’s father had taken them to the military office while escaping with them in the helicopter. The military locks them in a room to check whether they are infected or not. All of Us Are Dead Movie download> The gang’s boy, who has become a zombie now, even the zombies, were at a distance from him. The girl in the video is shown being bitten by zombies. But she wasn’t affected and San was shown to be in the music room.

The girl in the pink sweater was also there. She doesn’t tell us that she is here. The student, whose parents have become zombies, tries to end her own life. Because her parents died, Her friends stop her from doing this, and later, they get an idea. They could reach San with it. Their plan was to ring songs at some places in the school through the mike. The zombies in the school will go to that place. Like this, the school will be empty and they can go to San. Like this, they can go to the terrace while taking him.

They would call for help, and now they do the same. The zombies gathered at a place while running, but a zombie who was deaf was standing there. They were moving slowly behind him, but the zombie saw them. He sees them and attacks them. They run away from there while attacking the zombies. The boy is shown who was injured by San with his mobile. He comes and attacks everyone. He sees Suhyeok, who was fighting with zombies. He ends the zombie and asks Suhyeok about San.

Suhyeok forbids him and they fight because of it. Even the gang’s boy was about to end Suhyeok. The class’s president arrives and tries to stop her. But he bites her hand. Onjo’s father makes the boy fall down from the window and Onjo’s father makes some guards faint because the guards were not obeying Onjo’s father. He wasn’t ready to go to school. All of Us Are Dead Movie download He comes out while making those guards faint and wearing their uniform. Suhyeok and the class president reach San and the other students.

When San notices she is bitten by zombies, he moves forward to end her. Suhyeok says while holding her hand, “If this happens, I will throw her down the window.” Some other students are shown in the medical room. They come out and start helping their companion because he was badly injured. The class president was infected, and Suhyeok tied his hand with hers. So she will not harm anyone else.

The police officer is shown who has saved the baby girl. He comes out while taking the baby and sees another girl. Many zombies were behind her, and they again came back to the restaurant, taking the girl. The students stuck in the music room were feeling hungry. They try to open the room. The room contains the food, and the girl in the pink sweater was also there. She locks the door from the inside. Onjo’s father has moved from there to save his daughter. The soldiers see him there and start firing at him.

The students find a camera and start recording their feelings on it. Onjo’s father jumps in the water while escaping. He shoots a bullet and becomes injured. Suhyeok is still shown with the girl in Episode 7. The girl who was infected He tells her that he likes her. The girl is shown whose video was made by the boys. She has become a half-zombie because of being bitten by zombies. She comes to her teacher. The teacher starts hitting her while seeing her, but this teacher didn’t help her once at the time when the boys tease her.

That’s why she eats her teacher. because she was hungry. The students stuck in the music room are shown and made a plan. The students have to go to the terrace so they can call for help while going there. They plan to divide this room into two parts because they will play the song in this room. The zombies will gather in this room, and they will leave this room through another door. Their plan was successful.

They leave through another door. Onjo’s father is shown on another side. He takes some guns from a police station and then leaves. The students were still stuck in the medical room and decided to come out of the room. One of the students was injured and they made him lay on the bed and try to leave from there. As they come out, the bed breaks. The zombies come behind them because of the voice. They again went inside the school, and the police officers were taking the kids on their bikes while escaping.

They noticed a boy was climbing on a terrace. His one foot was injured, and the boy was also a vlogger. He calls them for help, and the police officer goes to save him, but the other officer deceives him and leaves on the bike. On the other hand, San, Suhyeok, and other students reach the terrace. The door to the terrace wasn’t opening and they tried to open it. Another student is shown on the terrace in Episode 8. But he didn’t help them and didn’t open the door.

Meanwhile, the military helicopter arrives and picks up that boy, who tells them that he is a lone survivor.The others are dead. The military takes the boy from there. A student who has become a zombie sets the school on fire. Due to it, the fire alarms ring and all the doors get open. Now the door to the terrace was also opened, and they went to the terrace. They started calling for help. The gang’s boy has become a zombie and tries to open the door. During this, his hand broke, and the students wrote “SOS” on the roof. So they will get some help.

The officer was with the vlogger, and the other didn’t run away while deceiving him but brought a bus for him and the kids were also there with him. The officer and vlogger jump on the bus. The other officer takes them from there. The students on the roof try to blow out the fire. One of the students gives him his lighter. She thinks maybe this student does smoke. The officer is shown who is driving the bus. A girl gets into an accident with their bus, and the military also arrives there. They rescue everyone and take them with them.

The girl in the pink sweater had still locked herself out, intending to bring food to the roof survivors.She also remembers how her teacher sacrificed her life while saving her. While leaving, she meets the gang’s boy, who was a half-zombie and was hungry. He pulls the girl towards him and eats her. On the other hand, San tells Onjo that he likes her. Onjo doesn’t like this and stands up from there.

San says I do like you, but you don’t need to like me. Onjo asks him to leave, and the gang’s boy arrives, who is now a zombie and fights with everyone. The class president, who was a half-zombie, throws him down while lifting him. But still, he wasn’t dead. It is shown in episode 9, where the officer who was taken by the military tells them that a teacher, Mr. Lee, has made this virus and his laptop has its antidote. The laptop is in a science lab at a school. The commander orders everyone for this mission. The students on the roof find a helicopter coming for them. They called the helicopter for help.

The soldiers get off the helicopter and check the temperatures of all the students, but the temperature of the class president was different. because she is now a half-zombie. The soldiers ask the students if they have to bring the laptop from the science lab first. After that, we will take you from here while rescuing you. On the other hand, the scene in the military shows that the girl who got into the accident was also a half-zombie. She eats a boy there. When the commanders see this, they discover the girl was also a zombie.

They think there are some zombies about whom they don’t know, and the students, including Onjo and Suhyeok, were forbidden to be rescued by the commander. The soldiers move on while leaving them there. San becomes furious because of this and blows the bonfire off. He also removes the sign of SOS. Onjo’s father is shown on the way, and a man asks for help from him. He leaves while giving the gun to that man because he has to save his daughter. The military has also caught the girl who was infected. The rain also starts at night there. The students were stuck on the roof, and there was also a lot of thundering.

They decide the zombies can’t recognize their voices because of the thundering thoughts. They try to move out of here. They come down and when they reach the downside, San sees his mother, who has been changed into a zombie. San discovers in episode 10 that his mother is also a zombie now. All of Us Are Dead Movie download San weeps a lot because of this and becomes emotional. Many zombies appear there, and a girl gets separated from her group. The zombies hold her. They bite her, and she also changes into a zombie.

On the other hand, the commander was watching Mr. Lee’s video. He discovers Mr. Lee was telling the truth; there is no antidote for this virus. If a human is affected by this virus, the antidote is to end him while burning. If this is not done, the whole world will change into zombies. The students are shown going out of the school and the morning appears. Onjo’s father was still on the way in search of his daughter. The gang’s boy is shown, who is still in search of San. The commanders discover the zombie virus has spread in the other cities as well. The students stuck in the school are trying to make a wall.

They were going out; meanwhile, the zombies attacked them. They bite one of the students and he becomes infected. Even then, he tries to save his other friends. Except for this, the zombies end up eating him. The commanders’ meeting is shown, and they decide if we do not stop them, the zombies will spread in this world. They think about blasting a bomb. The students were coming out and reaching the door. The door was locked from the outside, and any outsider could open it. Onjo sees her father there and he opens the door. Onjo becomes happy upon seeing her father and hugs him.

Onjo’s father is shown deciding to take them to a mountain in Episode 11. Because it was the place where they could be saved from zombies. When they reach the ground while running, many zombies attack them. Onjo’s father takes the students out from there while distracting the zombies. He was locked there because he was bitten by a zombie. Onjo feels bad seeing this and starts weeping. Later, the students reach a construction site. There were zombies also, and they sat while coming out of the window.

On the other hand, the commander was experimenting on zombies and discovered that the zombies couldn’t bear the high frequency. They decide to gather the zombies at a place to blast them. The students are shown still stuck in the school. There was only one way to move from here: a student would distract the zombies and the others would leave. None of them were ready to accept this because they didn’t want to lose anyone. Meanwhile, they notice a helicopter coming towards them.

The helicopter tells them there will be a blast. People who are not infected should leave this place. The drones also arrive in the city and make noise. Due to this, the zombies become distracted. The gang’s boy reaches San; he was still chasing him, turning into a zombie, and bites San’s had during the fight. Onjo feels sad to see this. Because Onjo also likes San. San hugs Onjo and exchanges the name tags.

San has become a zombie now and distracts the zombies. The other students who were not infected left from there. San and Gang’s boys start fighting. Suddenly, there was a blast and they died in it. They die. In the last episode of the series, the left students, including Onjo, go to the construction site to see San. There was none because everyone had died. They returned from there. They reach a forest and find many ribbons there. These ribbons were tied by Onjo’s father, and she finds her father’s torch there.

Onjo discovers the ribbons were placed by her father. They move out of the forest with the help of ribbons. They reached another city, but it was already deserted. There was none, and they discovered some zombies were chasing them. They don’t decide to run from there but to fight with those zombies. During the fight with the zombies, two of the students also get infected. One of the students was stopped by the class president because he had changed into a zombie. They ran from there.

The class president, who was feeling she would become a complete zombie, was also feeling hungry and wanted to eat them, so she set herself apart from them. Suhyeok and Onjo chase her to save her. Reaching there, they saw the girl was eating the other zombies. Meanwhile, she attacks Onjo. Suhyeok can’t end her because he likes her. She leaves Onjo and moves from there.

The survivors go to the base, and the military locks them into jail for three months. To check if they are zombies or not. They were released after three months. Onjo goes to a mountain, reaches out, and places some food items for her friends. She sees the school’s roof and that there was still a bonfire and thinks maybe she is their class president. She tells Suhyeok about all this.

They decide to go to school at night. Suhyeok gathers more friends with him. They reach there and notice the bonfire. The class president was also there and had recovered now. Onjo asks her to go with her. She refuses while saying there are many others like me. Meanwhile, others like her arrive there and she leaves while jumping from the building. Her friends became surprised to see this. This is the end of the movie series.


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