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Ace Attorney Movie Download & Review

Ace Attorney (2012) Movie Review

Ace Attorney (2012) Movie Review

Ace Attorney (2012) Movie Full Story

Ace Attorney Movie Download & Review: At the beginning of the film, a lady is seen performing magic, and people are seated around her. It seems like she is in another world, in that magic. A human from another world was telling her who had murdered her. Later, two lawyers are shown performing their cases in court.

One of the lawyers is perfect, and he hasn’t lost even a signal case till today. The other lawyer, who often won cases, is shown. He was handling his friend’s case, and it seemed difficult for him to win this. But his assistant helps him and wins this case. His friend gives a stone statue to his assistant. He says this is a thinker statue and whenever you are in trouble, it will think with you.

It also solves your problem. The assistant feels this is strange and doesn’t like this statue. Even then, she takes it as a gift. Later, the perfect lawyer is shown. The man in front of him congratulates him because he has won this case. He says yes, I have won, but I want to be like you. Because you also didn’t lose any cases till today. He says yes, but do remember that you can do anything you want to do to win the case. The girl who is shown in the next scene got a gift from Phoenix’s friend. This girl was named “Mia” and was worried because of her case. Then she asks the statue to help her. After that, she begins to understand what she previously did not understand.

This girl is shown in a flat, and we hear someone’s voice from behind. This is her voice saying, “I have been working on this case for a long time.” This is a complicated case, and I feel like we are in trouble. I want to meet you in the morning. We will discuss this. In the next scene, Phoenix goes to meet Mia. He finds her dead. It means someone has killed her. He notices a girl there and he asks her, “Who are you?” Meanwhile, some people had arrived. They came here for an investigation. They see Maya’s name written in blood on the paper. The girl who was near Mia was also named Maya. The girl who was arrested was standing near Mia, and she was her sister.

She says my father died when I was younger. I don’t know where my mother is? I just had my sister and Phoenix say, Maya, don’t worry, I will handle your case. Phoenix asks her why she went there. She says I received my sister’s call and she told me she had a statue which I could think of. Do you like toys? That’s why she called me to her office. Phoenix starts working on this case. His friend says you will not win this case, whatever you do. Your opponent is Miles, and he is the prosecutor who didn’t lose any cases. Phoenix is shown in the next scene meeting Miles. Phoenix and Miles were friends in childhood, but their friendship broke for some reason.

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Maya was also in the court, and the friends were in front of each other to fight this case. The case starts and Miles calls the detective. He tells everyone there was written “Maya” with blood on the page. The blood was also from Mia. Phoenix asks the detective, “Are you sure that was Mia’s blood?” How can you say with assurance that Mia has written Maya’s name in blood? The detective says yes, she has written, but Phoenix says Mia was dead on the spot. She doesn’t have time to write anything. The prosecutor says the autopsy report you are talking about is outdated. The one I am talking about is advanced, and according to it, she has the time to write something. Later, they present their next witness.

He was a reporter from the front hotel and told me I was having lemon tea at night. Meanwhile, a weird girl arrives and tells Maya she has ended her sister Mia’s life. Phoenix asks him how she ended hers. He says she has ended her with a clock and Phoenix asks, “How do you know that is a clock because it looks like a statue?” Later, he asks the judge if this looks like a clock or a statue. He says statue and Phoenix say the thing we can only discover is a clock while turning its head. How did he know this? Later, he asks the judge to investigate this. Maya tells me what my sister said while calling me: “This clock doesn’t work.” When the judge uses that clock, it doesn’t work properly.

Phoenix says the witness you were claiming to have heard its voice?this clock doesn’t work properly. This is just a statue, and Phoenix asks the witness where he saw this clock. How did you know this much about it? As far as I know, this clock is only available in a few select locations. The witness doesn’t understand anything and says, “I forget.” The judge says because he forgot, we can’t say anything about this. Tell me something else about it if you want, and Phoenix asks the witness, “What were you doing there?” He says I was standing in the window because I heard the voice of a falling lamp. He says he saw the lamp fall there, and Pheonix says the lamp isn’t visible from that distance.

How did you know there was a lamp and it had fallen? The prosecutor saves the witness and says, “Don’t you remember when you went there for wiretapping?” The witness says yes, I went there for wiretapping and I saw the lamp there. Phoenix doesn’t understand. What should he do? Meanwhile, he hears the voice of the girl who died. She says you didn’t lose; you have won. You don’t need to be concerned because you have proof in your possession. He had a paper in your hand that was a receipt for the purchase of the lamp. He tells the judge that this lamp was bought a few times before the murder. This man has gone there for wiretapping before.

How did he know there was a lamp in that office? He tells the judge he is saying he has seen the lamp, but he was there to end Mia. There was noise in the court, and Maya won this case. It means the witness has ended that girl’s murder. Maya was innocent because she was Mia’s sister. Maya made a noise when the witness was taken. She says, “Why did you end my sister?” You tried to do something wrong with my mother many years ago. Now you have ended my sister. Phoenix says you were saying someone had done wrong with your mother 15 years ago. Tell me what happened to her and why were you saying this? She tells this human who ended up my sister’s name is Mr. White.

Director, Director, Stars List

Ace Attorney 2012 Movie Director, Director, Stars List
Director Takashi Miike
Writers Takeharu Sakurai, Sachiko Ôguchi, Shu Takumi
Stars Hiroki Narimiya, Takumi Saitoh, Mirei Kiritani

He has written an article against my mother. because she was supporting a man in a case. Phoenix starts studying this case and discovers that the man who died, in this case, was his friend’s father. His friend who was the prosecutor in the last case was his opponent, Miles. He sleeps while studying this case, but Maya awakes him. She asks him to watch TV, and there was news of a murder. Miles is arrested in it. Phoenix immediately goes to Miles because he was a childhood friend of his. He wanted to help him. He says I will help you, but he says I don’t need your help. There are many lawyers, and I can give my case to anyone. He tries to make him understand, but he doesn’t agree and leaves.

When he was leaving, a man arrived and told him to handle Miles’s case. But Phoenix says Miles doesn’t want me to fight his case. The man says that no one can handle this better than you. Phoenix decides to handle his case. Phoenix goes to the lake with Maya, where the murder happened. There was a camera that only clicked pictures when the word of God was spoken. There was a couple in front of the camera during the murder.

Meanwhile, a huge creature awakes from the lake, and the news of the murder is shown. Phoenix goes to Miles and tells him, “I am investigating your case.” He asks, why are you doing this? Then a scene from Miles’s childhood is shown. The collected money from the students’ lunch boxes was stolen. The students in the class were blaming Phoenix. Miles was standing there and he had saved Phoenix. The boy is also shown in the class whose case was handled by Phoenix at the start.

Phoenix tells Miles. You helped me at that time, and now I want to help you. In short, I want to handle this case. Phoenix asks Miles to tell me what happened that night. Have faith in me. Miles tells me a man called me that night. He said he would give me information about my father’s case. We were in the boat, and meanwhile, the man stood up and took me to gunpoint. He wanted to end me, then I bent and didn’t remember what happened after that. The man died after it. Phoenix is shown with Maya in the next scene. He was telling Maya, the prosecutor, that my opponent didn’t lose even a signal case in the past 40 years. He hasn’t taken a holiday for 40 years.

The case starts and the girl witness is taken, who was sitting near the lake to see the huge creature. She claims she heard the voice of a shooting fire in the middle of the night.She says, “I saw a man in the boat shooting a man.” She says she heard that voice twice. She says, while standing near Miles, she saw the person who shot the bullet. Phoenix says you are saying you have seen that man, and if we see those pictures, his face isn’t clear.

Why did you say that you had seen the man? The girl was confused and said, “I was happy I would be a witness in a case.” She later departs from there.She didn’t understand what to say? When the girl left, the judge asked the prosecutor, “What do you want to say?” He says there were two people in the boat, which means one died and the other ended his life. Phoenix says there is nothing like this. I have an objection.

He says if a man dies, it isn’t important that another has ended him. The man who died, maybe he had ended himself. They all made noise, but what was he saying? The judge says we can’t refuse this new possibility. He says there will be a trial again in the court, then Phoenix and Maya will start studying the case. They investigate many things. They found a house, and it was the home of the man whose boat was that.

The man who was murdered was named Hammond. Phoenix’s friend is shown in the next scene, making his own creature. He blows air into it and tells the creature to appear in the water. That was my creature. That wasn’t a real creature, but an artificial one. It fell into the lake mistakenly, and everyone felt there was a creature in the lake. The boat owner was brought before the court. He tells me I also heard the shooting voice at night. He tells me I have seen this man, meaning Miles.

While saying, I didn’t think that I could murder anyone. When the boat owner was asked his name, he said, “I have some memory issues.” I didn’t remember my name. Phoenix says I again have to ask some questions of the boat’s caretaker. present him again, but it was discovered that the caretaker of the boat had gone somewhere. They were shocked at it. Is that where he has gone?

The hearing ends that day, and the detective says I will somehow find out the caretaker of the boat. Phoenix also moves to his house, which was near the lake, and there they find a page of murder. The method of murder was written on it. Phoenix goes miles and conversates with him about old things. The time when his father was murdered His father was a lawyer and told him this lawyer was in his prosecution when he was handling a case. The one who is in front of Phoenix right now.

When the man who didn’t lose even a signal case discovered Miles’s father was winning the case and he had got the evidence, He was there when Miles’s father died. It is said that Miles’s father died because of Miles. A man starts fighting with Miles’s father. The kid was seeing someone fighting with his father. He was trying to save his father. During this, he shoots a bullet. They were talking and the girl, Maya, arrived. She tells them White has been murdered. Someone has ended him. Now only three days are left in the case for examination. Phoenix investigates the case before the third day and learns about Yanni Yogi.

He also discovers his wife’s name and finds out that Yogi is the man who survived. We are talking about the case of Miles’s father. This person is the caretaker of the boat. The case starts, and the detective brings the caretaker of the boat. The caretaker told me I didn’t want to leave, but I had to because I had to bring food for my father. The caretaker tells him his parents’ name and Phoenix tells him that this man is named Yanni Yogi. The man connected with the last case, and the judge says Yanni Yogi was connected with Miles’s father’s case.

Phoenix says this is the same human but he is saying he doesn’t remember his name. He says he has forgotten everything. Phoenix says to prove that your parents are named Polly and Yanni, Yogi’s husband was also named Polly. He says the names are the same and he is the human meaning of Polly’s husband.

The prosecution says, “What are you saying this in your parents’ name?” This may be a coincidence. Phoenix makes the parrot stand in the witness box and asks it to say something. What can it tell us? It has remembered some words said at that time: the date of birth, the date of marriage, and the date of death. This was the date of the birth, marriage, and death of Polly.

Here, Phoenix proves this. He says, “Now I want to take the fingerprints of Yogi.” But he says you can’t take my fingerprints because of the use of chemicals. Phoenix says to Yogi, “You have committed murder and ended Hammond.” “Because you wanted to take revenge on him for your previous case.” Miles also confesses that he murdered my father.

He says that was a coincidence but it was done by me. Phoenix wanted to save Miles, so he took another day off from court. The judge says there is another case that has been opened and we want to examine it. They are given one more day. My father was talking to the judge the next day. While my father was looking at the evidence, a man started fighting with him because he discovered my father had court evidence.

He told me he was Yanni Yogi, and when I saw he was fighting with my father, I threw the gun to save my father. But the bullet shot from the gun and my father died. Everyone felt that his father died because of Miles. Phoenix says I have an objection because the bullet shot from the gun has two bullets.

At that time, only two bullets were used. But Miles’s father had shot only one bullet. Where did the second bullet go? When the judge asked him who he was, according to you, he said, For whom Miles’s father’s death will be useful, and Phoenix uses his mind. He says Miles’s father was a lawyer and the prosecutor was against him, and he was losing the case and it affected him. His reputation will be ruined, and he can only end Miles’s father. He says the criminal has the bullet at this time. He asks his friend to give him the metal detector to detect the bullet.

He says to the judge, “I want to check the prosecutor’s body to see whether he has a bullet or not.” Did he shoot a bullet or not? Later, he was checked, and the metal detector rang near his shoulder. Miles was shot to hit the prosecutor because the prosecutor did not want to lose the case, and Miles’ father’s death was significant in this regard. That’s why he shot Miles’ father while shooting him. Everything was revealed, and the boat’s caretaker also said he had ended Hammond.

Because the case of Miles’s father has compelled him to accept his mistake, Accepting that he is the murderer despite the fact that he did not murder. Because of it, everyone started insulting him. They started pasting killer posters outside his house. That is why his wife committed suicide. My life was ruined because of it, and I decided to take revenge on Hammond. Miles was released from this case. Like this, Phoenix has saved his friend’s life. Their friend also reveals that the money stolen in class was stolen by me, not Phoenix. Phoenix and Miles start working on the case further. This time, they were doing work as friends. This movie concludes here. Thank you for your time.

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